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Welcome to Christensen Cattle Company! Our company is a family farm-feedlot operation that has been in business over 50 years. Our experiences through the years with all facets of livestock, from breeding all the way to the packing houses, has given us the insight of what needs to be done to be not only competitive but efficient. We feed out nearly 75 percent of the cattle for ourselves, and we treat our customers' cattle like our own.

Christensen Cattle operates two feedlots. The original lot is near Central City, Nebraska with a 12,000 cattle capacity. The Sandy Ridge feedlot--our main office--is located five miles south of Fullerton, Nebraska with a capacity of 18,000.

Christensen Trucking is another integral part of the business. CTI owns livestock trailers, liquid trailers, and distiller's trailers, which operate not only for Christensen Cattle but also many outside accounts.

DBL, Inc. is the Cow-Calf division which sells nearly 100 bulls a year and has grown to be a well-known and respected program. The calves that come from these bulls are often brought back and fed in our lots.

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